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15 Ways to Use LIQUID GOLD


  1. Keep a bottle in the fridge & pat a drop under each eye to soothe tired, puffy eyes.
  2. Rub a drop or two in palms of hands, then run your fingers through clean, damp hair before styling for condition & shine.
  3. Rub into elbows, heels and cuticles of hands and feet to keep extremities youthful.
  4. Place a drop on a brow brush and brush lashes.  Leave overnight, they will feel thicker and more receptive to mascara the next morning.
  5. Use as gloss over matte lipstick to give a current look and condition lips.
  6. Wonderful for your "baby" (whether 6 months or 60) to clean ears and navel.
  7. For middle of the day "blahs", place a drop on a q-tip and gently slide under lower lashes to remove makeup build up, feathering mascara and generally freshen your look.
  8. Use daily on smile and frown lines to soften and minimize.
  9. Hot spots where skin is very dry
  10. Sunburn
  11. During flair-ups caused by allergic reactions
  12. Scalp massage
  13. Extra moisture under eye
  14. Under facial masque
  15. Burns