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Mineral Cosmetics Collection               

Cosmetic Color Quantity Price Amount
Face Canvas/Primer     28.00  
Mineral Concealer     26.00  
Foundation     34.00  
Blush     34.00  
Rice Powder (Loose)     28.00  
Pressed Rice Powder Compact     38.00  
Enhancer     34.00  
Mineral Eye Shadow Quad     68.00  
Quad Refills     14.00  
Brown Faux Buki Collection        
Jumbo Buki (Foundation)     35.00  
Baby Buki (Blusher and Enhancers)     23.00  
Mini Definer (Eyes)     12.00  
Kabaggie (holds all 3 brushes)     8.00  


































Classic Cosmetics Line                

Item Color Quantity Price Amount
Concealer     20.00  
Corrective Camouflage     22.00  
Shadow Magnet     20.00  
Foundation     26.00  
Dual Action Powder
Foundation (compacts)
Moisture Tint (BB Cream)     25.00  
Loose Translucent Powder     23.00  
Brush On Brow     24.00  
Eyeshadow     13.00  
Eyeshadow     13.00  
Eyeshadow     13.00  
Eyeliner Pencil     13.00  
Mascara     19.00  
Blush Powder     19.00  
Lip Pencil, Regular     13.00  
Lip Pencil, Automatic     16.00  
Lipstick     19.00  
Lipstick     19.00  
Lip Gloss     16.00  
































Skin Care                       

Item Quantity Price Amount
Honey and Safflower Cleanser with Ginkgo  Biloba


Aloe Toner Blue with Rosewater   20.00  
pH Collagen Lotion   24.00  
Collagen Crème   30.00  
Foaming Cucumber Cleanser   24.00  
Citrus Rinse with Witch Hazel   20.00  
Oil-Blotting Hydrating Lotion   24.00  
Eyebright Anti-puffiness Gelee   27.00  
Eyebright Intensive Eye Crème   37.00  
Non-Oily Eye Makeup Removal Pads   18.00  
Micro-derm Crème Scrub   30.00  
Cherry+Pomegranate Bio-Enzyme Peel   27.00  
Azu-Zinc Soothing Masque   24.00  
Vitamin C Crème (for dry skin)   38.00  
Vitamin C Serum (for oily Skin)   40.00  
Liquid Gold   32.00  
Vitamin E Lip Balm   16.00  
Intensive Lip Treatment   18.00  
Celazome Sunscreen SPF 30   30.00  
Celazome Sunscreen SPF 29   30.00  



































Specialty Items                    

Item Quantity Price Amount
Correction Toner   20.00  
Brow Fix   12.00  
Visible Performance Extract   30.00  
Travel Powder Jars   5.00  
Retractable Brush   16.00  
Facial Cleansing Brush   14.00  
Seasonal Color Swatch Book   26.00  

















        Cosmetic Tools                                    

Item Quantity Price Amount
Makeup sponge   1.00


Straight Brush   7.00  
Camouflage/Concealer Brush   13.00  
Brow and Lash Brush   8.00  
Eye Shadow Sponge Applicator   5.00  
Fluff Brush   9.00  
Blush Brush   13.00  
Lipstick Brush   9.00  
Retractable Brush   16.00  
Facial Cleansing Brush   14.00  
Pencil Sharpener   2.50  
Seasonal Color Swatch Book   26.00  
Small Angle Brush   8.00  
Travel Powder Jars   5.00  




























Cosmetic Subtotal  
Shipping by weight (Please call for weight total if paying by check)  
Handling 5.00
NY  residents add applicable sales tax
(Sales Tax should include shipping and handling)
Grand Total  












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