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Being one of the founders of the company 'Color Me Beautiful', I worked with thousands of woman to help them discover their beauty through their coloring. My career influenced my creative expression in the direction of these expressive paintings. I start each pastel painting with a heart which becomes colorful women who express joy, beauty and a celebration of life. Look for a little heart on every face.






To enjoy Sari's stunning art, click here for views of her floral images or here

to see some very entertaining portraits of women. Additionally, Calendar Girls have been added for 2016. Click here to check them out.



Both the floral images and the "Sassy Sisters" are now

available as greeting cards as well as matted prints at the following prices. The Calendar girls are available as greeting cards. If you are interested in owning Sari art or have questions, contact Sari.



All cards are blank inside. The back of the floral cards have Sari's contact information. The back of the Sassy Sister cards have the name of the Sister, her attitude and the Sassy Sister Story as well as Sari's contact information. 


The twelve Sassy Sisters and the Calendar Girls are also avialable as a calendar that measures 4 by 12, made of spiritual bond with a hole at top for hanging.

Each month is represented by a different Sassy Sister or Calendar Girl.


Calendar price: $12.
































Sari art makes terrrific gifts: Hostess,birthday,

 stocking stuffers...or just because...


At this moment, you must pay by check made out to Sari Martin.  I will be implimenting PayPal for my art sales soon.