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Jonathan’s reason for coming to me was to improve his professional image. He is a business coach who has plans to become more prominent in the public eye. With Jonathan, color became a very important part of his image. He is a soft autumn and therefore the “corporate colors” were negating his very special coloring. Jonathan's  look has to be friendly and approachable. Jonathan is not only changing his personal appearance but also branding the look of his business around it. After all Jonathan is his business. He is the BRAND.


“When I first met Sari a few years ago, she made a strong impression, and when I bumped into her a few months ago, that lasting impression was still with me.  I knew that she usually worked with women, but she has done work with men and she gave me a reference who assured me that she was great.  I had a good feeling from the start, although I had some doubts.  But I have been extremely pleased with the work we did identifying the colors, shapes and textures that are now my signature style, and I even enjoyed some the shopping I did on my own (something I previously dreaded and avoided).  Thank you Sari for helping me define and understand clothing and style in a way that conveys my authentic values an intentions.”


Jonathan Flaks, MCC - Author, Speaker and Executive / Business Coach. Click here to learn more about Jonathon and his business.


Jonathan Flaks book is ‘Income Double / Half the Trouble





Martin is a light Summer.  His coloring is very fair and he needs to be careful not to over power himself with dark colors.  Buying glasses for Martin was more difficult because of the lack of availability of frames in light colors. It was important to find a pair of glasses that framed his entire eyes because his eyes got lost in rimless and half-rimed glasses. Martin is also quite tall and we needed to make sure that the length of his sweaters, shirts and jackets were long enough to keep him in physical balance. Martin is on his way to changing out his wardrobe and doing an exceptional job.


After working in his closet, “Sari, that was a great session. Learned a lot.”