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Mineral Makeup Line

mineral make up
Mineral Concealers     $26

Obscure Concealer - for fair skin tones

Erase Concealer - for medium skin tones


Mineral Foundations    $34

Warm Colors:
       Cream - for fair complexions

        Luscious - for medium complexions

        Fawn - for early tan

Cool Colors:
       Bare - for extremely pale complexions

        Buff - for fair complexions

        Mariah - for medium complexions

See Conversion Chart for Mineral Foundations


Mineral Rice Setting Powders (loose)    $28

Creates the perfect matte finish. Use to tone down shine.  Rice Powder is invisible on the skin (no color).  These powders will work in place of any of the translucent colors you were wearing. 
        Light = Cool  
        Medium = Warm 

Pressed Mineral Rice Powder Compact    $38
Mineral Blushes    $34

      Precious - pink tones
      Glow - brown tones
      Flirt - plum tones

See Conversion Chart for Mineral Blushes


Mineral Enhancers    $34

These luminous loose powders have ultra fine particles of shimmer (mica) to deflect light and illuminate the skin, helping to create the look of naturally radiant skin.  The fine shimmer is not overly glittery making it perfect for day or night with a luminous finish that's subtle rather than shiny or greasy.


Polished - Used as a highlighter for face and eyes.  Mix Polished with other mineral colors to lighten.


Sunkissed - Gives a warming sun-kissed glow.  Mix with Mineral Rice Setting Powder to soften as an overall bronzer. Nice to use as a face contour.


Mineral Eyeshadow Quad

Customized eyeshadow compacts can be ordered if we have your makeup records on file.   $68


Individual Shadow Refills  $14

Mineral Tools

Brown Faux Buki Collection



Mini (Eyes) $12


Baby Buki (Blushes & Enhancers) $23


Jumbo Buki (Foundation) $35


Kabaggie (holds all three brushes) $8





Instructions on how to use Mineral Makeup