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Classic Makeup Line


 Creating the Canvas  

Face Canvas/Face Primer

Creates a smooth, invisible layer that locks in moisture and prepares for a silky smooth makeup application. Helps to minimize large pores. Use just a pea size amount alone or over moisturizer. $28.00



Camouflages shadows on the face, awakens the face. Light and creamy consistency. Choose a color just a tad lighter than skin tone.
Shades: Light, Medium Light, Medium, Dark    $20.00


Paramedical Kamaflage Concealer(for a little extra coverage)

One color: Natural Beige Medium     $22.00


Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation

Yellow Base   Blue Base
Nude Lighter Bisque
Almond   Crème Beige
Buff   Rachel
Peachy Beige   Country Beige
Honey Tan Darker Rose Beige

Protects the skin from damaging elements, such as wind, excessive dryness and airborne pollutants. Create a natural and flawless finish with this water-based makeup. Infused with natural ingredients including sesame and sweet almond oils, this foundation will not dry or irritate skin. Non-comedogenic.    $26.00


Loose Translucent Powder

Sets the foundation and creates a mantle under blush and eyeshadows . Very fine powder to be applied lightly with our Super Powder Brush. Loose powders are an important step in creating good blending.
Shade: Neutral    $23.00


 The Extras or Alternatives

The Extras are products that will give a little extra help in creating a clear, even skin tone.  The Alternatives are products you can use instead of a liquid foundation.


Shadow Magnet

Works like a magnet to keep eye shadow color true and long lasting — use as a base for lipsticks too!    $20.00


Correction Toner

Lavender corrects sallowness, aqua corrects ruddiness.    $21.00


Dual Active Powder / Foundation

Yellow Base   Blue Base
Crème Beige Lighter Soft Beige
Tender Beige # Light Beige
Medium Beige   Cameo Beige
Deep Beige $ Spice (replaces
Rose Beige)
Mocha Beige Darker Cocoa Beige

This is a foundation and powder combined in a compact with a sponge. It is very easy to apply and gives light coverage. Used instead of foundation and powder, good for oily skins. It is also terrific for touch ups.     $28.00


Moisture Tint (BB Cream)

A moisturizer that is tinted with color. Contains spf 15. Gives a little color without coverage. Nice for the summer months. Shades: Light, Medium and Bronze    $25.00


Brow Fix

Keeps brows in place.    $13.00


 Painting the Picture


Brush on Brow

A colored powder that comes in a compact with a mirror and brow brush. Creates very natural looking brows. Use a color that blends with the color of your eyebrows, not your hair!

Shades:  Blond, Soft Smoke, Charcoal    $24.00





Yellow Base Blue Base
Champagne Shell Pink
Blush Pink Taupe
Peach Lilac
Nearly Nude Putty
Soft Bisque Light Lavender

My eye shadow colors are carefully chosen to enhance your natural eye color. Most colors are matte.    $13.00





Eye Color & Complementary Shadows

Blue Eyes Green Eyes Teal Eyes Brown Eyes Brown Eyes
French Blue Burnt Olive Empress Teal Bark Berry
Cornflower Blue Deep Khaki Hedonism
(was Sweet Pea)
Coffee Plum Shear
  Kiwi   Golden Brown Periwinkle
  Army Green (olive)     Royal Purple
  Warm Green     Sky Violet
  Soft Celery   Pebble Navy
  Grey Green   Honey  












Eye Shadows

Neutral Colors Accent Colors
Yellow Base Blue Base Yellow Base Blue Base
Honey Light Grey   White
Coffee Grey Gold Black
    Marigold Royal Purple








See our Mineral Makeup Line for information regarding Mineral Eyeshadow Quads


Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner Pencil Colors
Sienna Charcoal
Cool Green Black
Blue Suede Grape
Voyage Teal

My eyeliner pencils are of high quality and soft enough to glide easily without smudging.  $12.00
Pencil sharpener that sharpens all sizes of pencils.  $2.50




Water resistant and comes in one color, Brown/Black.    $19.00


Blush Powder

Yellow Base Blue Base
Desert Pink(bright/light) Harlow Pink(light)
Chestnut(warm) Clear Pink(bright)
Mocha(muted/deep) Orchid(cool)
Clear Salmon(light/warm) Indian Rose(deep)

Comes in a round disk. Small and convenient.    $19.00


Powder Bronzer

For those with Blue Base, use Bronze Berry.    $20.00




Lip Gloss


Lip Gloss Colors

Warm  Bronze (Summer and Autumn), Coral (Spring)
Cool Magenta (Summer), Sugar Plum (Summer & Winter), Plum Crazy (Winter), Garnish
(Winter), Lady Slippers (Summer), Berry Nice (Winter)
Light Petal Pink, Red Rose (Spring & Summer); Sugarplum, Lady Slippers (Summer)
Deep Garnish (Winter), Berry Nice (Winter), Espresso (Deep Autumn)
Muted Lady Slippers (Summer), Brown Sugar (Autumn)
Bright Garnish (Winter), Kimono Red (Winter), Frozen Roses (Winter & Spring)
Everyone Tinkerbelle adds a little frosty shine.
Everyone A clear gloss for everyone (nice over your favorite lip pencil)









Goes on great, looks great, lasts a long time.  Colors for every season    $19.00


Lip Pencil

Helps define lips, keeps lipstick in place
Automatic Lip Pencil  $16.00
Regular Lip Pencil    $13.00


Lipstick & Lip Pencil Colors Colors