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Developing your personal style is a continuing process that will transform your life.


 Establish Your Color Palette

Color identifies your look. It is the first thing people notice. Wear it! Be it! Sari’s dynamic color system will help you find the right tones to enhance your natural coloring. You will receive a handsome wallet of your colors and supportive information to guide you in making decisions on your wardrobe, makeup and hair color.


 Customize Your Makeup and Skin CareSariservice

Sari's specialty is makeup color. This is the step that gives you the POP! Coaching thousands of clients has convinced her that it is the color of makeup used that makes you look natural and stunning at the same time. She believes that when the correct makeup colors are used, the skin looks clear, the eye color pops, and the facial features are enhanced. Sari believes good healthy skin is a component of looking great. Sari will teach you the proper steps and newest technology to achieve nice skin."Makeup fads are not my thing". 


 Create Your Personal Style and Hair Design

Your look isn't complete without this step that gives you the sizzle and confidence to shop wisely for yourself. Sari provides real-life strategies to help you define your own unique style and re-energize yourself. You’ll develop a look that transcends trends and brings your clothing line, color, fabrics, accessories and hairstyle into perfect balance. The result is a dynamic personal image that is uniquely yours. 


 Have a Tune-up

For a car or a hair style to work well we need to tune up and tweak our look through style changes and body changes. I strongly suggest an occasional tune-up in the beginning because this is a learning process.


 Get control of Your Wardrobe and Closet

Sari will help you manage your closet, eliminating mistakes and leaving only the things that work well for you. You will get creative ideas for mixing and matching and getting the most out of your clothing and accessories. Together, you and Sari will create a shopping list of necessary items to achieve a well-rounded wardrobe that will prepare you for any occasion.



 Discover the Magic of Eyewear

Eyeglasses are more than a necessity! They are a vital accessory that must complement the shape of your face, your coloring and your personality. Sari and her network of specialists can help you find the perfect pair to enhance your new look.


 Schedule Presentations

Sari is a dynamic motivational speaker for corporations, business associations and community groups. Her presentations are interactive, involving audience members in ways that are entertaining, fun and educational.