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 Prints of Sassy Sisters matted:
5X7 = $15
8X10 = $20


Greeting Cards of Sassy Sisters (blank inside) cards are all 5X7 in. 
Individual card = $4

"You Pick" (the cards you want) 5 pack = $18

or 10 pack = $36

Shipping charges will be determined by your order.



The "Sassy Sisters" Story  


When we were youngsters, my brother couldn’t say “Sari,” so I became “Sassy.”  I always had my own attitude, and so rightfully, then, sass is something these sisters and I have in common!    


My “Sassy Sisters" always begin with a heart.  Why? Because all the sisters I adore are filled with open hearts and lots of love.  Many of my gals are also topped with a hat, paying homage to my beautiful mother who was a hat model once upon a time, and a hat lover always. Her last party was a hat party.  


I have worked with thousands of women as a personal style coach since 1973, guiding them to their best colors, makeup, hairstyles, clothing and accessories.  My clients have inspired me as much as I have inspired them.  


I hope my Sassy Sisters make you smile and remind you of your mothers, aunts, daughters, granddaughters, cousins and friends.    


With sass,  

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