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Sari's Philosophy on Skin Care and Makeup

Sari has spent over 30 years in the skin care and makeup business. Over time she has developed a line of skin care that works for all skin types without the confusion of too many products and too many unnecessary steps, a line that is designed with you in mind no matter what the trend.


Sari believes that good skin care is too critical to ignore. Skin care products are always improving and it is important to stay current for the best possible skin treatment. The Sari line has been developed with integrity. The products are natural, gentle and they work!


Spa wouldn't even bother to try to sell me skin care products..."I was on vacation a couple of months ago and was treated to an incredible facial at one of the best spas in Florida.  As the aesthetician is working on me, she complimented my skin and asked what products I used.  I told her I used the Sari line.  She said she wouldn't even bother to try to sell me products because whatever I was using was working!"  Sari
  Huge difference in my skin within a week.. "Sari skin care products really do what they say they do!  Not only can my very sensitive Celtic rosacea skin tolerate them, but it is truly nourished by these products.  I saw a huge difference in my skin within a week.  I had been paying a fortune for so-called top-of-the-line products that did little.  I was only happy that they didn't worsen my condition.  Finally, I have found what works and I am thrilled!" Suzanne


 The Basics - Normal to Dry Skin


Honey & Safflower Cleanser with Ginkgo Biloba  (Cleansing)

This rich emollient cleansing lotion dissolves makeup and dirt, leaving skin soft and supple. Honey and natural oils lubricate and protect while Ginkgo Biloba provides protection from free radicals. Plant derived Ceramides combined with Hyaluronic Acid replace skin lipids and maintain crucial moisture balance. $24    6 oz.



Aloe Toner Blue with Rosewater  (Toning)

This very gentle alcohol-free rinse tones, clarifies and refreshes the most sensitive skin. Aloe, Rosewater and Soy Protein nurture and maintain the skin's moisture balance while gently removing any residue. Witch Hazel gently refines pores. $20    6 oz.


pH Collagen Lotion with Arnica and Folic Acid  (Moisturizing)

This excellent lubrication lotion contains Glycerin, Lactic Acid and a super active form of Collagen that helps inhibit drying and fine lines by binding moisture to the skin. Folic Acid and Wheat Germ Extract support healthy skin while Allantoin, Arnica and Vitamin C work together to soothe, protect and balance. $ 24    2 oz.


Collagen Crème with Herbal Blend and Lactic Acid

This super rich emollient crème with soluble collagen, seals and protects dehydrated skin. Lactic Acid gently exfoliates and reconditions rough, dry patches while an exclusive blend of herbs and vitamins moisturize and rebalance the skin. $30    2 oz.


Glycolic Face Crème  (Treating)

Glycolic acid corrects skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It assists the rejuvenation of environmentally and sun-damaged skin along with correction of problematic and acneic skin. Contains 5% glycolic acid restorative cream containing grape seed and licorice extracts. Ideal for all skin types. $49     2 oz.


  Normal to Oily Skin

Foaming Cucumber Cleanserbottles and roses  (Cleansing)

A gentle water-activated cleansing gel contains mildly astringent cucumber and a blend of grapefruit, orange and lime to gently dissolve oils and makeup. Silk Amino Acids and other humectants leave the skin smooth and moistened without stripping. $24    6 oz.


Citrus Rinse with Witch Hazel  (Toning)

Naturally astringent Witch Hazel and citrus extracts work together to refine the skin without alcohol. Cucumber, sage, geranium and lavender help refresh, recondition and restore the natural pH of the skin. $20    6 oz.


 Eye Care

Eyebright Intensive Eye Crème

Clinically proven to revitalize the eye area. Helps to calm swelling, hydrates, firms and decreases the appearance of lines as well as under-eye discoloration. Wow!     $37


Eyebright Anti-puffiness Gelee

A unique blend of sea lettuce & evening primrose extract, locust bean and peptides makes the under-eye area feel tighter and look firmer, diminishing the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Feel and see a difference immediately. Works around the lip area too.   $27

(Eye Crème for hydration and Gelee for puffiness. I combine both under the eyes and love the results.)


 Lip Care

Vitamin E Lip Balm

Comes in an easy-to-carry lipstick tube. Helps repair dry, chapped, peeling lips with nourishing Vitamin E.  $18


Intensive Lip Treatment

Indulge your lips! This revolutionary plumping lip treatment moisturizes and enhances lip contours by filling in fine lines and wrinkles.   Specially formulated with oligopeptides, natural avocado oil and a powerful vitamin blend.  $20


 Smart Care

Eye Makeup Remover Pads with Soy Protein

Conditions and moisturizes as these oil-free, pre-saturated pads remove all traces of makeup and mascara. Specifically formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes. $18


Cherry+Pomegranate Bio-Enzyme Peel

This is a delicious, skin-refining treatment containing all natural ingredients to help refine and smooth the skin. Photo-active pomegranate exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides a great alternative to alpha hydroxyl acids. $27   2 oz.


Micro-Derm Crème Scrub

State of the art exfoliating crème!!! If micro-dermabrasion isn't for you, but you'd like the results, you can do your own. And it's great. It's infused with a network of finely polished corundum crystals, the kind used in professional micro-dermabrasion. Your skin will appear smooth and radiant for weeks! This is a real find!! $30


Liquid Gold

A dynamic veil for the skin with botanical extracts including cucumber, matricaria, lavender and ginseng, along with oils of carrot, apricot, vitamins A and E provide a shield against environmental aggression.  It's silky finish immediately improves the appearance of the skin.  Great to apply after moisturizer and before foundation. Click here to learn about its many other surprising uses.  $32


Azu-Zinc Soothing Masque

Build moisture in dehydrated, sensitive or irritated skin with this calming and soothing masque with Echinacea, Zinc, Chamomile, Licorice, Vitamin K, Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola and Marigold. It's Great. For all skins.  Try it, you'll love it.    $24


Visible Performance Extract

A combination of nourishing ingredients (including Algin, to maintain natural moisture balance and Collagen Amino Acids, for extra nourishing action) work together to

improve the texture of the skin. $30    .5 oz.


Celazome Sunscreen SPF 30

Provides 30 times the skin's natural sunburn protection while simultaneously providing a unique method of skin hydration. Protection is maintained for eight hours during water sports and vigorous exercise. Dermatologist recommended for these features: Advanced Celazome technology, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, waterproof, sweat proof, and PABA free. $30 4 oz.


Celazome Sunscreen MAX SPF 29

(For those who need Super Duper protection without worries.)
This Sunscreen goes one step beyond our fabulous Celazome Sunscreen 30.  This one is an excellent option for those who have a history of fair skin, skin cancer, or anyone who wants more protection.  It’s a rub proof, sweat proof, moisturizing sunscreen. Blocks 100% UV1-11 Rays, Blocks 96.6% of UVB Rays.  $30.


If you require more Sunscreen choices or Information, click here.