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"Each of us is uniquely wonderful. I don’t want to change who you are, I want to help you stand more fully in your own light.” 


Personal style coach Sari Martin has worked with her own special blend of intuition, color analysis and image awareness helping clients since 1974. She is a popular speaker and author who coaches men and women out of their fashion nightmares into their own, self-confident, dynamic personal style.


Sari's qualifications and experience are among the most impressive in the personal image industry today. After helping to found the original "Color Me Beautiful," Sari launched her own business as an independent style coach, assisting thousands of women and men in enhancing their own innate good looks and attractiveness.  Sari also has provided consulting work on corporate image by such companies and organizations as IBM, Pepsi-Cola, Reader's Digest, AT&T, Flik International, Trendex Corporation, ESPN, Hoechest Marion Ruessel, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, Pace University and QE2 World Cruise Lines.


Sari's Philosophy


Sari Martin's guiding philosophy is "Be true to yourself."  Hundreds of testimonials from people she has empowered reflect the same theme --  


"Dressing isn't guessing.  It's knowing.  It's not something you will think about much, because you'll always know what to do without question, it becomes automatic.  You'll feel like you are living comfortably in your skin and continually watch your self-esteem soar. Living comfortably in your own skin sometimes means being a bit different than the norm. As people admire your uniqueness, your confidence and desire to be your best soars."